Yuppy Puppy Dog Grooming Services, Macleod sets the standards for the industry. We are passionate about dogs and their welfare. We are in the dog grooming business because we love dogs. 

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Yuppy Puppy Dog Grooming, Macleod is highly experienced with most of the breed standards and the more popular breeds. Every dog is different and each person‘s needs vary, so a consultation can help you know your options and decide accordingly.

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Every dog at Yuppy Puppy are given private grooming sessions. We only groom one customer at a time. Your pet will be awarded VIP treatment without distractions from other animals. The safety of your pet is of utmost importance to us.

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We are in the dog grooming business because we love dogs.  Our aim is to provide a superior service for your dog and we treat your dog as if it was one of ours.  We truly love dogs.  We provide additional services: ANDREA’s PET PHOTOGRAPHY  

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  • I found Yuppy Puppy and have never looked for another grooming salon. The personal attention My toy poodle, Teddy gets is amazing. He is so excited to go and always comes out looking and smelling like a competition dog. I have loved them so much, that I have sent a few friends now and they love them too. Apart from the one on one attention Teddy gets, it is so affordable for me as a single mom and small business owner. I have been to salons in the past with my other poodle and they never personalized the service, it was all about getting the job done and collecting the money. These guys love all their little clients!–Danielle Cowley from Heidelberg

  • “Love everything about Yuppy Puppy! The service is amazing and Baz the groomer is the best around! He takes so much time and effort with each dog, and makes them feel at ease and comfortable which is so important for our little fur children! I honestly would not take my dog anywhere else. Ive seen other places cage and restrain the dogs and they come out really disturbed by it. Thats why I love Yuppy Puppy, its all about the dogs!”–Rachel De Oliveira, Doreen

  • Thank you so much Yuppy-Puppy Dog-Grooming it was a pleasure to bring Max to you & and putting up with his stubbornness he is so spoilt! Your patience with him was amazing and you settled my nerves as well after other not so good experiences we have had prior to coming to you guys. thanks again and I would have no problem recommending you to other clients! They will love the happy and friendly experience… –Debbie Baillee Roxburgh Park

  • We first visited Baz with our family puppy (poodle x), Jack! We were very happy to have someone that offered this unique service, we loved that Jack wasn’t locked in a cage and that there was no other dogs there when he was there, so all the attention was on him. He would always come home and ‘prance’ around for the next week!!

    So now my husband and I have a new puppy (collie x kelpie) and he loves visiting Baz & we love it too! Baz is so kind and patient during the grooming. And Chich comes home smelling beautiful and his coat is so shinning and soft for weeks to come!

    I Highly recommend everyone to take there family pet Yuppy Puppy Grooming–Casey Cantone, Doreen

  • I highly recommend yuppy puppy dog grooming Macleod. They have a one of a kind service where they concentrate on one dog at a time and don’t cage any dogs. Baz has a calming effect on the dogs which makes things so much more comfortable for your pooch. Thank you Baz for always making my Bella look like a furry princess every single time!–Jackie Lambert, Mill Park Lakes